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Gardening is an activity that can involve children and adults. Children readily learn how to plant seeds and care for a garden alongside their parents or teachers. In doing so, kids are able to observe the life cycle of plants. When they eat, children who help with gardening better appreciate the source of their food. If they see a beautiful arrangement arrive by flower delivery, they understand the work that went into raising those flowers. Discover ways to engage children in gardening and expand your own knowledge of flowers and other plants.

Gardening with Kids

To get started, let children participate in selecting and planting seeds. Give children responsibility for certain tasks, such as weeding or watering. A child might also enjoy being responsible for a specific area of the garden. Take advantage of opportunities to show your child stages in the development of a plant. Visit the website of an online florist, nursery, or other garden expert to view pictures of plants and learn how to grow them.

bullet Seeds, Plants, and Hydroponics - This site provides links to a variety of gardening resources, including planting advice, sustainable gardening, and irrigation.
bullet Community Gardens, Flower Delivery, Resources for Children and Adults - Supporters of the Anacortes Community Gardens recommend links to inspire and inform community gardeners and those interested in local foods.
bullet Gardening and Health Websites - Diane's Flower Seeds offers a listing of sites related to gardens, health products, psychology and spiritual subjects.
bullet Plant Life Cycles and Growth Systems - This site contains colorful plant images and a neat diagram to show how a bean grows from a seed into a plant.
bullet Educational Resources from the California Fertilizer Foundation - In addition to information about fertilizers, this site offers a link to gardening information for kids.
bullet Online Florist and Gardening Links - A guide to gardening with children is one of the useful resources on this links page.
bullet School Gardens - This site provides opportunities to learn more about edible schoolyards and urban agriculture.
bullet Helping Children Understand Agriculture - Interesting topics explored on this site include the question of whether trees get sick and the story of milk.
bullet Greenhouses, Flower Delivery, and Plant Conservancies - The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension identifies over 40 organizations and societies devoted to gardening and flowers.
bullet Farm Safety and Online Florist Tips for Kids and Gardening - The New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health put together a fun page for children to learn more about farming and gardens.
bullet Ideas for Outdoor Fun - This page contains links for children and adults to learn more about gardening and wildlife.
bullet Educational and Fun Stuff for Kids - Lake Country Online, Inc. suggests links to entertaining and informative sites for children.
bullet Kids' Stuff - This site rounds up entertaining science-based resources for children.
bullet Lawns, Trees, Flower Delivery, and Gardening Links - Bill's Garden resource page has a nice alphabetical listing of garden-related sites.
bullet Gardening Programs, Supplies and Online Florist Resources - This is a well-organized compilation of links for gardeners and flower enthusiasts.
bullet Garden Club Links to Landscaping, Flower Delivery, and Planting Sites - Among the links highlighted by this club is a resource on flowers and gardening for kids.
bullet Gardening Fun for Kids - This informative article names types of plants that are fun for children to grow.
bullet In the Garden Together - Gardening can be a way for families to interact and develop traits of responsibility and confidence.
bullet Grow Kids with a Garden - A horticulturist describes the educational and therapeutic benefits of engaging children in gardening.

General Online Flower Resources

From gardens to bouquets, flowers produce colour, fragrance and smiles. Environmental factors may affect the health of your flowers. Horticulturists, gardeners, and life science educators provide resources to help identify flower varieties that thrive in different regions. They also offer growing tips, ideas for garden design, and ways to attract beneficial wildlife.

bullet Online Florist Business Thrives - This article reports about trends and statistics in online shopping.
bullet Testimonial by Flower Delivery Company and Others for DataPop - Businesses offer their opinions about the technology they use in digital marketing.
bullet Winning Bouquet by Online Florist - SerenataFlowers.com delivers flowers and wine.
bullet Using Color in Flower Gardens - Cornell University uses images and short explanations to demonstrate ways to bring colour into the garden.
bullet Controlling Animal Pests in the Flower Garden - The University of Vermont Extension
Department of Plant and Soil Science describes ways to keep pests out of the garden.
bullet Ways to Attract Wildlife to a Garden - Birds, insects, and small animals can be a welcome part of a garden, and this article explains how to design a garden that is a good home for the wildlife.
bullet Flower Garden Care - The University of Illinois Extension discusses the importance of watering, mulching, and taking care of plants.
bullet Wildflowers of the Prairie (PDF) - Prophetstown State Park provides photos of each of the wildflowers it describes in this publication.
bullet Plant Your Own Butterfly Garden (PDF) - This article lists flowers and other plants that will attract butterflies and provides tips for creating the garden.
bullet Growing Roses - Clemson University explains the features and uses of roses. This article also contains pictures and descriptions of many different types of roses.
bullet Edible Flowers - Some flowers can be eaten, and this article provides tips for identifying and caring for those plants.
bullet Growing Annual Flowers - For attractive flower beds, this article recommends encouraging bushiness in the plants, as well as appropriate watering, fertilizing, and deadheading of flowers.
bullet Flower Garden Pests (PDF) - This article discusses some common garden pests and recommendations for dealing with them.
bullet Flowers and Pollination - The process of pollination in flowers is explained in this life science lesson.
bullet Caring for Flowers in Hanging Baskets - Selecting the right location for a hanging plant, moisture, and other care considerations are addressed in this article.
bullet Perennials for Specific Sites and Uses - This helpful fact sheet categorizes perennial flowers according to different soil and shade conditions, blooming seasons, and intended uses.
bullet Caring for Valentine's Day Flowers - This site provides tips for prolonging the life of miniature roses, azaleas, and other floral gifts.
bullet Plant Parts and Functions - This botany lesson uses illustrations and brief descriptions to explain flower and seed parts and functions.
bullet Starting Plants Indoors From Seeds - The University of Missouri Extension details the steps for raising flowers from seed. The article includes a chart with types of flowers, seeding date, germination time, growing temperature and crop time.
bullet Flower Bed Planning - A horticulturist outlines factors to consider when designing a flower bed, including colour arrangement, flower forms, and spacing.


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