The Calypso Fish Bookshop

We have now opened an online bookshop which enables online processing of all book orders and all CD's from ourselves and all other publishers and also supplies papers. 

It sells both new and secondhand fish and ichthyology, oceanography and aquaria titles at very very good prices

Calypso's General Store

Calypso Landscapes   - Landscapers Gardeners Garden Designers and Builders Gardeners

Calypso Photolibrary - One of the world's largest specialist fish photographic libraries

Calypso Research - The Research Arm of Calypso

The Fish Orphans Scheme - Re-homing unwanted aquatic pets

We also support:-

Aquarists Reunited:-  A site for meeting and finding old aquatic and ichthyological colleagues and lost groups and connections of the past fifty years or so

Aqua Water Gardens

London Landscapers

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